Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Casting for Student Film

Casting for Student Film
One of our talented young actors has returned from Los Angeles and is directing a film!
ELLIE K. (Lead): All ethnicities, Introverted, smart. Very thin, She grows up surrounded by influences that trigger a traumatic eating disorder. She’s quiet and has an insecurity she’s been trying to hide.(AGE 17)
AMEYA K.: All ethnicities. Fit/ in good shape, strict, moved to the USA when she was in college, so she’s still cultured. She has self-esteem issues of her own but masks it. (AGE 40-45)
YOUNG ELLIE K.: All ethnicities. Young and very innocent. She’s hit with her first wave of media influence that derives the eating disorder. (AGE 8)
AARON K.: All ethnicities. Grew up in America ever since he was 12, so he’s used to American culture and customs. He’s still in touch with his native culture, but is very open-minded. He drinks often, but not quite enough to call it a ‘drinking problem.’ (AGE 40-45)
PRIEST: All ethnicities and genders, Priest at Ellie’s funeral. (50-65)
Please see which character’s breakdown matches you and prepare the corresponding sides for the audition. No appointments necessary.

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