Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Angeli Zaldivar Featured in the Film "Happy Hunting"!

IMTA is entering its second day, but there is plenty of other good news to share! Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Angeli Zaldivar has booked a supporting role in the new horror film "Happy Hunting."This action packed horror film is now available on Amazon! Great work Angeli, we are so proud of you! Everyone at Seattle Talent cannot wait to see what you do next! Check the film out here:…/…/B0757Z6Y76

IMTA LA18 is Here!

The countdown is finally over! IMTA LA 18 starts today! Seattle Talent's Facebook page is going to be busy giving you all the updates you could want! Make sure to check back here to see updates and photos of this years competition!! We want to wish all of our clients good luck! If you are one of our clients competing, make sure to post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #SeattleTalent and #IMTALA18

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Seattle Talent's HiHo Kids Star in "What's in the Box?:" Under the Sea!

Seattle is getting too cold for comfort! Maybe it's time we take a vacation somewhere tropical! Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Lylly Ross, Helena Stewart, Crystal Martin, and Mr. Ethan Stewart star in another great HiHo Kids video. This time our young stars play "What's in the Box?: Under The Sea Edition, and get to pet all of cool critters and plants you might see in the ocean! All of these kids had a ton of fun! Great work everyone!

Elina Lazo's Editorial Spread in Seattle Met Magazine!

Hope everyone is staying warm! Seattle Talent wants to congratulate Ms. Elina Lazo who book not only the cover of Seattle Met Magazine, but also an editorial inside! This cozy photo shoot is inspiring us all to bundle up with some hot chocolate and relax right by a warm fire. Great work!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bridget Donnelly Stars in Twilight Zone:Live!

Happy New Year Everyone! Seattle Talent wants to share some cool news about our very own Ms. Bridget Donnelly! Bridget recently starred in Twilight Zone: Live ! at Theatre Schmeater in Belltown! She was the only kid in the whole production, and starred in 3 of the 4 episodes reenacted! Great work Bridget, keep up the great work!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mr. Anay Vaghela has the Whole World in His Hands!

Does Anyone have travel plans for the New Year? Seattle Talent's very own Mr. Anay Vaghela has got the whole world in his hand in this fun photoshoot with our friends over at Zulily! Anay had a lot of fun, and his smile is brighter than the sun! Great work Anay!

HiHo Kids Meet a Contortionist

Does anyone have any New Years Resolutions? Seattle Talent's very own Ms. Amya Irvin, Crystal Martin, Helena Stewart, Mr. Brayden Irvin, and Ethan Stewart all got to interview a contortionist named Elizabeth in this recent HiHo Kids video! Maybe after watching this video you'll want to take up yoga or Pilates for the New Year! Great work everyone, keep up the fantastic work! 
Check it out here: