Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ms. Emily Pedersen's "City Limits" Editorial Spread in Youngstrs Magazine (Fall 2017)!

This is awesome! Take a look at these images of Seattle Talent’s very own Ms.Emily Pedersen modeling in the “City Limits” editorial spread sporting some really cool streetwear by Topshop, Tracter, and Doc Martens! This photoshoot, shot by our friends over at Valluv Creations, will be featured in Youngstrs Magazine’s Fall 2017 issue. Emily looks like she had a blast, and who can blame her?! Keep up the great work Emily, everyone at Seattle Talent is excited to see what you do next! Be sure to take a look at this photoshoot yourself in Youngstrs Fall 2017 issue available for purchase here:http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1372592

Ms. Celine De La Montanye Designs Her Mom's Tattoo with HiHo Kids!

You Seattle Talent Parents are so committed! Ms.Celine DeLa Montanye was put to the test in this HiHo Kids video where she got to design her mom’s very first tattoo! Celine drew out characters from the disney film “Beauty and the Beast.”Ms. Celine was so great through the whole process, and comforted her mom while she got her tattoo. We have to applaud Ms.Celine for her pretty tattoo design! Of course Celine’s mom, April,was so funny and such a good sport through this process! It was so cool to see Celine’s eyes light up when she say her design on her mom’s back! Tattoos and family have one thing in common: they’re both permanent! See the whole creative process here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giMo5avTyLM

Ms. Abigail Gamba's Daskin Dancewear Photo Shoot with Zulily!

So pretty! Everyone, take a look at these gorgeous images of our very own Ms. Abigail Gamba modeling Daskin Dancewear for her recent Zulily shoot! This girl never stops, she has already made it to the honorable mention list for Mara Santino and Luber Rocklin, which was only her second audition! Not only is Abigail a talented model and actor, she is also a very talented dancer, and has been doing ballet since she was 3! In fact she will be performing in the Emerald Ballet Academy’s production of Nutcracker! She is featured in both acts, so be sure to show your support and go see the show in person on December 2,3,9, and 10th at 2pm at Northshore Performing Arts Center! Congratulations Abigail, we cannot wait to see what you do next!
 If you would like to see Abigail in the Nutcracker tickets can be purchased at npacf.org or emeraldballet.org.

Mr. Cooper Lundeen Due to Appear in Major Motion Picture Produced by Warner Brothers!

Fantastic news! Here is the very talented Cooper Lundeen, who has had a fantastic year full of so much success! Cooper has been working with AKA Talent Agency in Los Angeles, California, and has already landed a role in a huge Warner Brothers film! The good news doesn’t stop there! Cooper also got a role in the independent horror film “The Spare Room,” and booked a toy commercial! The guy never stops, and we love to hear how well he has been doing! Congratulations Cooper! Everyone at Seattle Talent is beyond excited to see what you do next!

Mr. Ashok Tanner's Awesome Fall Fashion Shoot with Zulily!

Check these awesome images of Seattle Talent’s very own Mr. Ashok Tanner from his Zulily photoshoot. Ashok was dressed head to toe in Diesel Kids clothing, and looks ready for the cold weather coming to Seattle. We can’t believe that this is one of Ashok’s first photoshoots, he’s a total natural! Great work Ashok, we can’t wait to see where your talent leads you next!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

HiHo Kids Stars Ms. Helena Stewart, Crystal Martin, GiGi Harris, Mr. Justin Harris, and Ethan Stewart Show and Tell: Family and Culture!

Thanksgiving is only a week away! Seattle Talent super stars Ms. Helena Stewart, Crystal Martin, GiGi Harris, Mr. Justin Harris, and Ethan Stewart star in another video brought to by our friends over at HiHo Kids. This time our Fantastic Five show and tell the people and objects that are important parts of their family and culture. Thanksgiving is about spending time with our families, and these young actors really help us get into the spirit of the holiday. Great work kids


Ms. Ella Kate Palmer's Sleeping Beauty Photoshoot with Korbi Ashton Photography!

Magical! Everyone, take a look at these stunning images of Seattle Talent’s Ms. Ella Kate Palmer! Ella recently booked a Sleeping Beauty inspired photoshoot with our friends over at Korbi Ashton Photography with makeup and hair by Joanne Hines ! This pretty photo shoot will be featured as an editorial in Fall 2017 issue of Youngstrs Magazine! Congratulations Ella on your fantastic work! We cannot wait to see what you do next!