Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Miko Lingat, Our HiHo Kids Star!

What’s your favorite meal of day? Check out Seattle Talent’s Mr. Miko Lingat in the latest Kids Try segment brought to you by HiHo Kids! The HiHo regular is such a character and we’re always excited to see him in these viral videos! Congratulations Miko!


Mackenzie Tries Soul Food For HiHo!

Experience soul food with our HiHo Kids Stars! Seattle Talents Ms. Mackenzie Lozcano featured in the thumbnail below had a ton of fun in the making of this video. Those pigtails are looking fabulous as always. Im gaining an appetite watching this! Catch Mackenzie and all our fabulous Clients on HiHo Kids!


Miko Tells Us about Buchery on HiHo!

Guess who made the thumbnail in this awesome video?! Learn more about Kristina and her butchery experience from your favorite HiHo Kids star, Mr. Miko Lingat. We love Miko and all his hilarious "one-liners" ! Keep up the great work!


Micah Gets Personal with Kid in Recovery!

Check out Tellician's incredible story lead by Seattle Talent's very own Micah Classen! He does a spectacular job in this HiHo single! Your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent can't wait to see more!!


Mackenzie Inspires HiHo Kids Try Video Idea!

Our adorable Ms. Mackenzie Lozcano inspired the most recent HiHo video. Find out where she got her crazy fun idea in the link below. Mackenzie is full of surprises. Any ideas for the next kids try? Keep up the great work Mackenzie!


The Lingat and the Harris Siblings Try Trendy Coca Cola!

Have you tried clear Coca-Cola?? Check out the Lingat and Harris siblings' reaction in this blind taste test. These kids bring the fun out in everything! What trendy food/drink do you want our Clients to try next??


Seattle Talent Meets Bank Robber Turned Amazon Bestselling Author!

Hey Everybody! Check out Seattle Talent's Ms. Jessie Dawson and Ms. Celine Dela Montanye in this Kids Meet video. These ladies did a wonderful job! Find out more about Anthony and his Amazon Best Seller in the link below. Keep up the great work ladies!