Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Congratulations to the following Clients!

Congrats to all Seattle Artists Agency Clients on the callback list for Management 101 from LA!
BOOM! Amazing job Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency Actors and Models. Brian Leder, Owner of BLT Management 101 in LA was blown away by your performances and has a huge call back list:

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent/Seattle Artists Agency Clients who are on the callback list for BLT Management 101/Bryan Leder.

Nikita Kansal
Jorid Munoz
Isabella Porter
Naima Scharl
Samuel Lee
Sean Graff
Anjali Schatzer
Sophia Provost
Sam Tonn
Vannie Sam
Ava Schroeder
Arrington Miller
Leslie Garcia
Mary Seru
Lily Mararyan
Taylan Tural
Andy Tural
Olivia Olive
Josephine Kim
Silvia Souders
Casey Brockes
Tamera Lwakatare
Alejandro Garza- Lainez

Stellar Job Everyone!!

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